RainCloud is a free iPhone app that notifies you when critical cloud infrastructure services and APIs have downtime, performance issues, and other similar failures.

Don't be the last to know about critical service outages -- be the first to know. If your company, organization, or application relies on services in the cloud, RainCloud was made for you! Simply select the services you would like updates on, and if there's an issue or advisory, RainCloud will let you know. RainCloud supports over 200+ services, with more added regularly. Give it a spin... it's free!

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Critical service outages happen, but knowing when services go down is half the battle. RainCloud keeps an eye on the services you care about so you don't have to.

RainCloud supports over 200+ services including AWS, GitHub, Heroku, and Google Apps with more services added regularly.

Developers, IT departments, and network administrators use RainCloud to alert them of service outages so they can keep plugging away on other work and still be the first to know about any outages.